Eamon Dunphy leaving Newstalk with a bang 6 years ago

Eamon Dunphy leaving Newstalk with a bang

On what is his final show on Newstalk this morning, Eamon Dunphy has accused station owner Denis O’Brien of “hating journalism”.

Yesterday Dunphy said that he was leaving the station due to interference from management and a push to put a more positive spin on the news.

In today’s Sunday Times he said that he was quitting in solidarity over the firing of Sam Smyth from sister station Today FM and that management wanted “dissenting voices” like Constantin Gurdgiev off the show.

Gurdgiev is on the panel of today’s final show and in a broadside at O’Brien Dunphy accused him of "hating journalism" and that he “owns members of the Oireachtas”.


How the media mogul and billionaire will react to these comments will become clear in the coming days we expect.