Easygoing gadget: Forget walking, here's motorised shoes  7 years ago

Easygoing gadget: Forget walking, here's motorised shoes

Do you struggle to get from A to B without breaking into an almighty sweat?  Well, we may have found the perfect thing for you.

Do you hate having to walk from one destination to the other? Do you find walking to be a right pain in the ass? Are you just so incredibly lazy that putting one foot in front of the other is just too much effort to try and bother? If so, then you’ll want to get yourself a pair of spnKIX – battery powered, motorised skates that strap right to your shoes.

If walking isn’t your thing or you just enjoy being propelled by motorised gadgets then spnKIX seems like it should have been in your life years ago. The motorised skate simply slips onto your existing shoe and that’s it, you’re ready to go. It really couldn’t get any simpler.

So what exactly could you use the spnKIX for - instead of vying for laziest b*stard of the year award, obviously? Well, all joking aside, the spnKIX could come in handy for a variety of reasons.

They seem like the perfect tool for businessmen and women the world over. How many times have you seen someone late for a meeting, rushing down a street sweating profusely? How professional does a face full of sweat look? Not very is the answer.

Having to pose like Superman is optional

So the spnKIX could seriously help out anyone who finds themselves constantly in a rush.

Another good application for the spnKIX is to use them as an extra mode of transportation for when you get out of the car. Instead of circling your job’s car park looking for a space near the front why not park down the arse end on an aisle and use the spnKIX to cruise all the way to the top.

All the hardware and electronics in the spnKIX are integrated into a frame made of fibre reinforced nylon. There’s one motor and one battery pack per foot. You control the devices with a hand held, wireless remote control, which controls the speed for both feet at the same time and allows you to vary the throttle with continuously variable speed control. So as you can see, it has been well thought out.

The spnKIX come with removable training wheels to help you get started, so at least you can get a few practise sessions in before you attempt to conquer the world on your motorised skates.

In case you were wondering, the spnKiX company was founded by Peter Treadway, who received an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and his Masters from Art Center College of Design in Industrial Design with a focus in Transportation. So it was only natural that he made personalised motorised skates.

There is a slight problem however, as you may need deep pockets for this one. A pair of the ‘wheelie’ cool skates will set you back a hefty $649.00.

Well, at least your feet will thank you. The missus probably wont.