Emile Heskey's back in the news, so here are our favourite Heskey moments 9 years ago

Emile Heskey's back in the news, so here are our favourite Heskey moments

Following the earth-shattering news today that Leeds United have been linked with Emile Heskey, we've decided to look at some of our favourite Heskey moments from a very interesting career.

Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey has often been accused of not being able to hit a barn door with a banjo, although, to be fair, who in their right mind would? Anyway, this is a recent enough miss of his from the A-League in Australia in a match for Newcastle Jets against Central Coast Mariners. It's just so Heskey.


This was in a match against Manchester United back in his Aston Villa days. He is bearing down on goal and the crowd are willing him to hit it. He hits it....sort of. The best thing about this is the reaction from the woman in the crowd following the 'effort'.

Here he is representing England in a World Cup match against Algeria and just look at those dancing feet. He is on the wing and absolutely dazzles the defender with one of the worst step-overs ever performed and follows it with some sort of an attempted cross which, of course, ends up going out of play.


Displaying his legendary predatory instincts, this is another miss when playing for Aston Villa against Sunderland. Stewart Downing puts it on a plate for him about three yards out, but he achieves the impossible and manages to miss. As the commentator says, you couldn't do it if you tried.


Finally, arguably our favourite ever Heskey clip doesn't actually involve the man himself, or at least not a real-life version, but we don't think anyone could ever tired of this...



The Elland Road faithful have had a lot to deal with over the last few years, but are they truly ready for Emile Heskey?