Eric Clapton's Ferrari fetches €75,400 at auction 8 years ago

Eric Clapton's Ferrari fetches €75,400 at auction

A yellow 575M Maranello, which was once owned by the masterful Eric Clapton, has sold at auction for €75,400.

The car was sold at an auction held at the home of British motorsport, Sliverstone in Northamptonshire. The car could have probably been sold for quite a bit more, but there was another ‘celebrity’ owner named on the service book, ginger media irritant Chris Evans.

The rare 2003 575M Maranello had a meagre 10,000 miles on the clock, which is impressive in its own right as the car can reach speeds of 327 km/h. If you were to drive at top speed for two days straight you notch up that 10,000 with ease.

A private buyer at the Silverstone Auctions snapped up the car over the weekend. Auction manager Guy Loveridge said the vehicle, which exceeded its guide price, was in lovely condition.

"It's a great car and we are not surprised that it fetched such a large amount of money," the auctioneer said. "Famous name provenance is always a help."

The car was bought new by Clapton, who signed the service book, and was then sold to Chris Evans. He also wanted to sign the service book, but was probably told that it would depreciate the car’s value significantly.