Evra racism case close to being dropped 8 years ago

Evra racism case close to being dropped

Manchester United defender Patrice Evra needs to find some team-mates to back up his claims of racism against Luis Suarez, or the Liverpool man will escape sanction.

The Frenchman accused the Uruguayan of using a racist slur against him “at least 10 times” during the 1-1 draw between the clubs at Anfield on Saturday.

But the FA, who plan to speak to Evra today about the incident, will not even speak to Suarez unless they can get other Manchester United players to back up the racism claims.

Liverpool have called for action to be taken against Evra if the claims are not proven but according to the Guardian the FA will not pursue Evra as they do not want to heighten the tensions between the two rival clubs.

If these indications are anything to go by, it looks likely that this case will just be dropped. How quietly it will be dropped depends on how aggrieved either Evra or Suarez feel by that outcome.