Ferrell brings 'Frank the Tank' to life with 18 pint binge 12 years ago

Ferrell brings 'Frank the Tank' to life with 18 pint binge

Funnyman Will Ferrell has brought to life one of his most famed characters, 'Frank the Tank' from Old School, by downing 18 pints of beer so he could study any personality change.

Ferrell decided to tape his binge in preparation for a lead role in new film Everything Must Go, in which he plays a relapsed alcoholic.


“I never had a problem, but I do enjoy drinking,” Ferrell said. “I can drink a lot if I have to. I’ve been known to throw them back.”

Never a truer word spoken from Ferrell, as he visited Ireland in 2008 with his father and on more than one occasion sampled the black stuff in bars around the country.


The 43-year-old Irish-American actor established a somewhat cult following after his role as 'Frank the Tank' in 2003 hit film Old School.


Ferrell plays the part of Frank Ricard, a disenchanted newly-wed trying to recapture his youth, who has a radical personality change once alcohol “hits the lips”.

So, this type of role isn’t all that new to Ferrell, yet he pressed on with his research with a friend in tow.

“My friend Andrew came over and I drank 18 beers,” Ferrell said.

“I wanted to see if there was any sort of change that came over me. I’m just a happy drunk.”


We can't let an opportunity like this pass without looking at some vintage 'Frank the Tank' action.