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Five damning examples of Richard Keys and Andy Gray sexism
The sexism scandal that has rocked Sky in the last few days is far from an isolated incident, as is evident from a number of offensive clips down through the years.

The sexism scandal that has rocked Sky in the last few days is far from an isolated incident, as is evident from a number of offensive clips down through the years.

By Conor Heneghan

Ever since Andy Gray and Richard Keys got caught making sexist remarks about female lineswoman Sian Massey at the weekend, tales of the duo’s dated attitude towards the opposite sex have been sprouting up all over the place.

Thankfully, in this day and age, we don’t have to rely on word of mouth for evidence, but can see the best (or worst) of Keys and Gray’s exploits thanks to the worldwide web. In the midst of the scandal, Gray has already got the sack and on the evidence of some of the clips below, Keys will be following him out the door before too long.

Prepare to be offended.

1. Richard Keys and Andy Gray have a go at Sian Massey and Karren Brady

The original clip that got Messrs Keys and Gray in trouble in the first place. Gorilla-hands Richard and best mate Andy are disgusted to discover that there is a female lineswoman and doubt her knowledge of the offside rule. To be honest, it’s Keys that does most of the ranting in this clip, including a broadside at West Ham vice-chairwoman Karren Brady for writing a column about sexism.

2. Andy Gray and Andy Burton discuss Sian Massey’s appearance


If Andy Gray didn’t do a whole lot wrong in conversation with Keys prior to the Wolves v Liverpool game, then his conversation with touchline reporter Andy Burton put him right in the shit. Burton mentions that a colleague noticed that Massey was ‘a bit of a looker’, but the notion is immediately dismissed by Gray, who continues on a favourite theme of his – women’s lack of knowledge of the offside rule (with expletives to boot).

3. Andy Gray asks Charlotte Jackson for help with his trousers

This was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Sky were concerned. Preparing for a Champions League show at the tail end of last year, Gray jokingly asks attractive Sky presenter Charlotte Jackson for assistance putting a microphone down his package. Gray and Keys erupt into laughter thinking the whole episode hilarious, while Charlotte's response is cold, dead-eyed and one of clear disgust. Charlotte had the last laugh, however. After all, she’s not the one that got fired.

4. Richard Keys asks Jamie Redknapp - 'Did you smash it?'

We can’t help thinking that that Richard Keys has got off pretty lightly in the whole sexism scandal. He was as much if not more to blame than Gray for the original Massey incident and the clip below, when he asks Jamie Redknapp ‘did you smash it?’ in relation to an old flame of Redknapp’s, is a further example of his outdated attitude towards women. Luckily for Jamie, he didn’t give much of a response, but it will still be enough to have him sleeping on the couch at home for the next month or so.


5. Richard Keys and Andy Gray laughing at women’s football

Bad and all as some of the above clips were, we have some sympathy for Richard and Andy in this instance. The lads can’t help themselves from laughing at the 1998 Women’s FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Croydon, but in fairness there’s no sexism at play here, it’s just two people laughing at an incredibly bad football match. Indeed, we defy anyone not to raise a chuckle at Arsenal’s volleyed equaliser and the horrendous goalkeeping from the Croydon goalkeeper.

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