Forget Planking, Dufnering is the latest craze 9 years ago

Forget Planking, Dufnering is the latest craze

We don’t know if it will catch on to the same degree as planking, but golfer Jason Dufner has started a new phenomenon.

By Declan Whooley


‘Dufnering’ as it has become known as started when the US golfer was taking part in some sort of promotion for the 2013 Byron Nelson Championship. He was pictured at the youth centre in Irving, Texas, looking a little glum, and that has sparked the craze among his fellow golfers at the moment.

Where 'Dufnering' began

Duffner has claimed there was a legitimate reason for his sullen appearance and childlike posture, but it has gone down a treat with his fellow pros.


We’ll wait and see if it catches on outside the golfing community.

Rory McIlroy getting into character


Bubba Watson showing off his car

Rickie Fowler with pal Bubba Watson


Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker

Pics credit: Deadspin