Forget Stallone, the new Rambo works in Serie A. As a coach and spy 5 years ago

Forget Stallone, the new Rambo works in Serie A. As a coach and spy

Scouting reports on the opposition is nothing new, but this is a little ridiculous as Genoa send in “new Rambo” to act as a spy.

Genoa’s youth goalkeeping coach is a chap by the name of Luca De Pra, and while dressing up in camouflage gear and spying on opposition under a tree may not have been part of his original job description, that was the unusual position he found himself in this week.

Genoa and Sampdoria clash tomorrow evening in a derby match and as with all neighbouring sides, there is a healthy dose of rivalry. So much so that Genoa sent De Pra in to run the rule over a Sampdoria training session. In army gear and hidden under a tree.


Not quite Sampdoria's worst nightmare

Well obviously he wasn’t so well hidden as he was caught in the act, but fair play to Sampdoria, they saw the funny side of it all, as their statement on their website reveals.

“Like a new Rambo hidden among the branches of the hill, Luca De Pra, goalkeeping coach of Genoa, has not been able to counter the counter-intelligence and counter-espionage of Sampdoria.

“No prisoner[s were taken], however, and there was no unnecessary bloodshed.

“Once tracked down, he was caught with his hands in the infamous jam. The soldier on the other side was left free to return to their base. Moreover, you should always forgive your enemies: nothing annoys them more.”

It may have been a ludicrous operation in itself, but Sampdoria played their part well with their reaction.

Hat-tip to Who Ate All The Pies