Germans turn sexy toys vegan 10 years ago

Germans turn sexy toys vegan

It's a big problem! How many times have you been ready to throw yourself into a mad orgy and then suddenly realised 'Sure this isn't a vegan sex toy'!

Well, stop your fretting - the German's are coming to the rescue with a new wide range of organic, vegan sex toys. A Berlin sex shop was obviously inundated with request for animal friendly sex toys (which sounds suspiciously like bestiality, but thankfully not).


Other Nature, a women's mother nature-style sex shop has a conscience. It sells organic lubricants, silicon vibrators, and whips recycled from old bike tyres - all a nice alternative to the seedy sex shops that dot the rest of the city.

The big idea of the whole shop, though, is that none of their products contain any animal products or have been tested on animals.

The shop thinks other sex shops sell poor quality, possibly hazardous toys. "We are a sex shop, only we do it better," Anne Bonnie Schindler, one of the shop's co-managers, told

"We contacted each of the manufacturers and asked where the materials came from, where these objects were produced and if animal substances were used," she added.


Great news for all those sex-mad German vegans so. Now they can have responsible, animal-harming free fun in the bedroom as well as the kitchen.