GIF: Here are some of the biggest hits from the NFL last night 9 years ago

GIF: Here are some of the biggest hits from the NFL last night

It must have been something in the air, but there were a few monster hits in the NFL last night, and they're all here

There's nothing quite as civilised as sitting down to a dinner of hot dogs and nachos and spending Sunday night watching the NFL. At least, not in JOE's eyes anyway, which is why we do it ever Sunday during the season.


Last night, we noticed a few pretty big hits being put in, and decided to share them today with you in GIF format. This first one is the Seattle punter Steven Hauschka getting absolutely run over on a return, and is exactly why, as one commentator put it "you don't want your kicker trying to tackle an athlete".

Hauschka gif

Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers had been annoyed after an altercation that preceded this play, and one unfortunate Minnesota Vikings player was on the wrong end of this huge block that got all his frustration out.

steve smith gif


He may have been taking notes from Ted Ginn Jr., who similarly put in a pretty massive block on Smith's Carolina team mate Rhodes to make sure Brandon LaFell got in for the TD.

Ginn gif

And finally, New England's Danny Amendola, just back after injury, was knocked out cold after being drilled by two New Orleans Saints players, and didn't return to the game after this bone-shuddering hit.

amendola gif


Hat-tip to,, SB Nation and Fansided for the GIFs