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18th Mar 2014

Graphic: This #WengerOut v #MoyesOut timeline makes for interesting reading

Ah, Twitter, you know the fickle mood of football fans so well.


Ah, Twitter, you know the fickle mood of football fans so well.

A bunch of clever clogs called Gravity Thinking decided to look at the frequency of the hashtags #WengerOut and #MoyesOut on Twitter over the past 15 months.

It is a very simple graphic and it perfectly illustrates just how the approval rating, for want of a better phrase, of managers can fluctuate, especially on the volatile world of social media.

The graphic shows that at this time last year, hot on the heels of exiting the Champions league, #WengerOut was a very popular idea. #MoyesOut, jokingly, first appeared when he was appointed to replace Alex Ferguson in early May and as various transfer targets were not achieved, he spiked a few times in the summer.

#WengerOut, around the time that Arsenal lost their season opener at home to Villa and before the signing of Mesut Ozil, was probably the biggest topic on Twitter at the end of August but since then, it has been #MoyesOut all the way with various spikes after each big defeat for United.

Of course, many of the nearly half a million #MoyesOut tweets were jokes but still it shows just how often his travails as the new gaffer at Old Trafford have become the biggest thing on Twitter.

We hope the folks at Gravity Thinking check the #MoyesIn tag next, just to see how popular he is with supporters of the other clubs this season.