Hola! Five of Mexico's fantastic favourite foods 9 years ago

Hola! Five of Mexico's fantastic favourite foods

Hola Amigos! Each week JOE and Corona are teaming up to tell you what we find most fantastico about the wonderfully exotic Mexico.

‘Fantastico’ is how they say ‘fantastic’ over there by the way. Probably.


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Up this week is the incredible cuisine the country has to offer, food that probably tastes much better than this JOE’s traditional Irish recipe of microwaved beans lashed on to burnt toast.

Mmmmmmm, microwaved...

Anyway gringos, here are our top 5 favourite Mexican foods, a list that doesn’t include chihuahuas or doritos...



Nachos – Probably most commonly associated with going to the cinema here in Ireland (Noisiest. Food. Ever.), original Mexican nachos are simply tortilla chips (totopos) covered in delicious nacho cheese and salsa sauce. The jalapenos and olives are optional so we’ll have ours without thank you very much.

And of course there’s always the classic Nacho joke:

Q. What type of cheese doesn’t belong to you?


A. Nacho cheese.

We’ll get our coat...

Burritos – The word burrito means ‘little donkey’ in Spanish but, as far as we know, no donkeys were harmed in the making of the foodstuff, little or otherwise.


Authentic Mexican burritos are usually small and consist of a thin, wheat, lightly grilled tortilla that is then filled with only a few ingredients such as meat, fish or potatoes thrown in.

The best thing about it? The burrito is traditionally eaten at breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Now that’s our kind of food.

Moles – not real mole like the creature mind you (although if you pay enough we’re sure you’ll mange to get your hands on that somewhere). Mole is pronounced ‘mole-ayy’ and is the term used to describe a variety of absolutely delicious sauces that are used to, quite literally, spice up your meal.

Forget your Chef versus Heinz argument, Mole is the clear winner here, especially because it’s more often than not made using chocolate. Chocolate sauce on your dinner? Yes please.



Tacos al Pastor – not Taco Bell tacos you donkey, but real Mexico City tacos. Usually made with pork, the meat is cooked vertically on a spit with a fresh onion and pineapple placed right at the very top. Over the course of the dish cooking, the juices from the fruit and veg at the top drip down and seep into the meat, infusing it with a delicious combination of tastes.

Sweet Lord we’re making our own mouths water just reading that.

Enchiladas – This particular dish is for all you spicy characters out there, as the enchilada is traditionally made with a corn tortilla filled to the brim with a mixture of meats, vegetables, beans and then coated with a chilli pepper sauce. Delightful.

The bonus is that it’s all then covered in tashty melted cheese, an addition that improves any dish to be fair. Toast, cornflakes, bananas – they all taste better with melted cheese.


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Mexico – the place to be.