Homeless rabbit rescuer offered animal farm job 10 years ago

Homeless rabbit rescuer offered animal farm job

The courageous Dublin man who jumped into the Liffey to save his drowning pet rabbit has been offered a full-time animal care job in Tipperary.

John Byrne (38), from Ballyfermot, became a heroic figure over the weekend when he dived into the river after a passer-by threw his pet rabbit Barney into the water and saved him from drowning.


John spent 40 minutes waiting to be rescued by emergency services after giving Barney the kiss of life and said that he would do the same all over again if he had to.

“I'd do the whole thing again if it happened,” John told the Evening Herald.

"If the person that threw Barney in can do that to an animal, think of what he could do to children?"

Meanwhile, the owner if an animal farm in Tipperary has got in touch with John, who has been homeless since he was 14, to offer him a position.

The anonymous animal farm owner said: "John showed such compassion in what he did. He conveyed all the ingredients of someone who is ideal at working with animals.

"We'd love to have him working for us down on our farm and we intend to meet him in Dublin."