How safe is your county? 9 years ago

How safe is your county?

New statistics released by the Irish Examiner reveal crime rates for every county in Ireland.

It’s probably not that surprising, but Dublin is Ireland’s crime capital and you’re more likely to get mugged or hijacked in Dublin than in any other county.


In Dublin in 2012 there were 789 crimes committed per 10,000 people, compared to the national average of just 532.

The safest counties in the country are Roscommon and Longford, as only 325 offences were committed per 10,000 people in the two areas. Donegal has seen the biggest decrease in crime levels over the past four years (down 39 per cent), while Mayo was the only county in 2012 to see an overall increase in crime rates.

Having said that, Mayo has the lowest crime rate for sexual offences, drugs, and breaches of court orders according to the Irish Examiner.

You can check out the crime rates for where you live by clicking here and choosing your county from the drop down menu on the right. For now, we’ll leave you with this cool little infographic-video made by the lads at showing the top ten crimes in Ireland...