Irish lads fail to measure up 7 years ago

Irish lads fail to measure up

Irish men have woken up this morning to hear the news that when it comes to size, we just don’t measure up.

By Declan Whooley

The study carried out by Professor Richard Lynn at the University of Ulster found that Irish men measure on average 5.02 inches, well behind the US, UK and most European countries. We are in fact over two inches shorter than our male counterparts from the Congo. The men in Iceland rule the roost in Europe, measuring in at 6.5 inches.

The professor conceded that the information was all found online, though we are sure the boys from the Congo would have had no issues in demonstrating that they are the kingpins.

If you need to console yourselves lads, we sneak in ahead of Romania on the European front.

And the ‘award’ for smallest packages in the world goes to the North and South Koreans, who measure in at 3.8 inches.

The Koreans, not such a great bunch of lads!