Irish man may become first person to swim Ocean's Seven Challenge 8 years ago

Irish man may become first person to swim Ocean's Seven Challenge

An Irish man is well on his way to becoming the first person in the world to swim seven of the most challenging open water swims on the planet.

Steve Redmond is one man we should all read up on. He is well on his way to becoming the worlds first person to complete one of the hardest endurance challenges known to man.

In case you don’t know who Steve is yet, he’s the second Irish person ever to complete the gruelling 35km North Channel Swim, from Scotland to Belfast Harbour – but he did it on his first attempt. Steve has also successfully swam the English Channel getting into the water at 5.50am and finishing at 11.20pm. Some man we think you’ll agree.

Steven completed another leg of his Ocean Seven Challenge on Friday finishing the Cook Strait swim between New Zealand’s North and South Islands in just 12 hours.

Steve has now completed five of the seven swims, according to the New Zealand Herald. In 2009, he completed the English Channel, in 2010 the North Channel in Ireland, in 2011 the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco, recently, the Catalina Channel in California, and on Friday the Cook Strait.

Friday’s swim was a tough one as Steve noted on his Facebook page: “Just back in hotel having a nice chat with death who is standing next to and smiling we became close friends today. Without doubt the hardest swim so far weather just went crazy after4 hours and spent two hours getting in 400 metres at the end the water was trying to kill me”.

We think we’ve just found the man who is going to help and lift the country’s spirit a little bit.

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