Irish need more cop-on when it comes to driving hands-free  9 years ago

Irish need more cop-on when it comes to driving hands-free

New figures released today show that Irish motorists continue to put themselves (and others) at risk on the roads by using mobile phones without hands-free kits.

In fairness, driving while using a mobile phone is stupid on many levels. You’re putting yourself and others in serious danger, not to mention it’s illegal and will only see you walking away with a hefty fine and a few penalty points. Is all that worth it for the sake of one call?  No is the answer, not even if Eva Mendes was calling you.


However, Irish motorists still continue to use their phones while on the road. According to the Irish Examiner, last year alone, more than 33,000 of you were caught using mobiles while driving. You know who you are.

Drivers will start to see more people cop-on to the idea of using only hands-free devices, as the Gardaí yesterday launched Operation Focus, which will see officers redouble their efforts when it comes to road safety. The operation is starting in Dublin this weekend and will spread right across the country over the coming weeks.

If you’re the type who is prone to using a phone behind the wheel, do yourself (and everyone else) a favour: stop before it’s too late.