Is Eamon Dunphy stealing James Richardson's bit?  6 years ago

Is Eamon Dunphy stealing James Richardson's bit?

Eamon Dunphy was in good form tonight praising Celtic for their 2-1 victory over Barcelona but did he rip off one of our other favourite footy pundits?

The RTÉ panel were full of praise for Celtic who played great football and secured a memorable win that gives them a great chance to get into the knockout stages.

However we thought we heard Eamon Dunphy steal James Richardson’s catchphrase?

The impossibly suave presenter of the amazing Guardian Football Weekly podcast and Football Italia on Channel 4 before it has had three trademarks over the years.

  1. Eating gelato while presenting Football Italia
  2. Making amazing puns
  3. Giving his laudatory exclamatory catchphrase of “Woof” after an amazing piece of skill.

James Richardon - a smooth operator.

We thought we heard Eamo after viewing one save from the Celtic keeper Frazer Forster in his analysis rip off Jimbo by saying “Woof.”

We took to Twitter and that confirmed this scurrilous imitation did indeed take place:


We’re disappointed in Dunphy in stealing one of our other favourite pundit’s catchphrases, after all he’s got his own plethora of go-to phrases seen here:

For shame Eamo, for shame...