It's Hulk Hogan's birthday, so here are a few of our favourite moments of Hulkamania 8 years ago

It's Hulk Hogan's birthday, so here are a few of our favourite moments of Hulkamania

Hulk Hogan turns 60 today, so there was no way we could really let the day pass without marking it somehow

We all grew up watching one of the most iconic wrestlers that there has ever been, a true legend of the business, strutting his stuff in the squared circle, so we thought we'd look a t a few of our favourites from the career of Hulk Hogan.


Wrestlemania has been around a long time, but it's almost impossible to discuss it's history without including this great match between Andre the Giant and Hogan, one of the all-time classics, with the bodyslam perhaps becoming one of the most iconic moments of Hulk's career.

Hogan won the title at Wrestlemania 9 in a fantastically exciting bit of drama after Bret Hart had been cheated out of it. To this day it remains a mystery to us how the refs missed it. Anyway, Hogan comes in, gets an immediate shot at the title from Yokozuna, and wins the belt. Classic wrasslin'.

What does it take to be a Real American? Eat your vitamins and say your prayers brother. Theme tunes don't come much better than this.


The Rock vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania 18 pitted two of the biggest names in the business against one another, and if you want to relive the last few minutes of that match, then the video is above. However, if you skip ahead to the seven minute mark, you can see the return of Hulkamania, as The Rock insists that he give his most famous poses to the crowd, who'd witnessed a great match.

Hogan tuned heel in his time at WCW, and was most certainly the biggest name to have done so up to that point. Not many expected it, and it made quite a huge impact.

Hulk flexed the acting muscles a good bit while he was at the height of his fame, but without doubt his appearance on Baywatch was truly the best. While the whole epsiode can be watched on Youtube complete with appearances from Ric Flair and Macho Man water skiing, as well as the inevitable cage match for the title, this training montage should really give you a flavour of how truly brilliant this episode is.