JOE talks to the Irish lad behind the 'Boston T' armchair pic 10 years ago

JOE talks to the Irish lad behind the 'Boston T' armchair pic

Earlier today we were sent in a picture of an Irish lad wearing a Republic of Ireland football jersey sitting in an armchair on a packed Boston train, so JOE decided to hunt down the man in question to find out more…

There’s nothing worse than hopping onto public transport only to find out that the train or bus is jam-packed and you're going to have to stand with your face uncomfortably close to the underarm of some sweaty undesirable. However, if you’re a J1 student working as a furniture remover, then you might as well use it to your advantage...


That’s exactly what’s going on in the shot below as innovative sort, Seán Mulhern from Lucan in Co. Dublin, chills out on his mighty public transport throne. Sure, the lad in the tie behind Seán is probably looking up how to buy his very own throne…


Speaking exclusively to JOE, Seán said, “We managed to sneak [the chair] in past the barrier handy enough, but the we were spotted by some lad from security. He came over and was saying we can't bring furniture on the T.

“We were arguing saying that it was only small and we'd stay out of his way. We then ended up chatting to the head of security and even offered him 10 dollars, but he was adamant we weren’t getting on.


“But when the train came we just started moving for it and he said, ‘fine you can get on but stay out of everybody’s way’.”

Seán told us that the pic would have never materialised if it weren’t for his mate Colin Murphy who actually picked up the chair in the first place.

When asked if he was using the chair today or in the near future Seán said, “Unfortunately not, it's a two man job to carry it to the T station and the security weren’t too impressed with us getting it on the last time…”

Big thanks to Conor Mulhern for making the follow up happen. Main pic via Grant Hutchinson