JOE's style picks for staying cool in the warm weather 10 years ago

JOE's style picks for staying cool in the warm weather

We're absolutely baking, but we still want to look stylish, so here are a few ideas on what to do to stay cool, in both meanings of the word...

It looks like, by all accounts, we're going to get a good summer this year. However, if you're like us, you'll have gone to the wardrobe on these glorious days and realised that you own two pairs of shorts, and they're both for the gym. The smell off them is best left unmentioned.


Thankfully, the sales arrived a few weeks ago, and in general, most places are on to their third or fourth week, meaning that we have some serious bargains to pick up.

It's also good news because a lot of that would be the summer stock, and seeing as Ireland is generally an awful place for weather, there should be the odd pair of shorts still knocking around.

Check out the lads at Arnotts, who have pretty much everything under one roof with all their concessions. HE by Mango (the only one in Ireland don't you know) have a good sale on shorts, as well as having a Ted Baker stall there for you to pick up a slightly pricier pair if your budget can stretch.

These cotton shorts (they'll make you sweat less than any other material) are fairly handy, and as a block colour are easily matched. We don't often wear white, but sure feck it, it's summer, let's go all Mediterranean on it.


he mango cotton shorts

Ted Baker also offers a pair of Oxford shorts that are brighter again, but will work well with a light blue or white shirt on top. Again, why not go bright? You only live once.

ted baker oxford shorts

The other option is a great pair of Bermuda shorts that are a nice pale blue. Throw a white shirt with these, and a summery plaited belt to complete the warm weather look.



A nice detail on these is the fact that you can turn up the bottom to reveal a darker blue underneath, which is great for adding contrast. The shirt they've paired with this here is also good, but if you don't want to go so dark, Brooks Brothers (Arnotts again) do a very nice linen number which will be lovely and cool.

Brooks brothers linen

With a patterned short, try and go with a solid colour and contrast it, that look will work well. Vice versa of course when it comes to patterned shirts, and Farah Vintage have a nice short sleeved number (we don't normally go for short sleeve, but this heat isn't letting up) and you can normally find their stock in Urban Outfitters, or on ASOS.


Farah stripe shirt

Accessories are going to be needed at some stage along the line of course, so a slick pair of sunglasses and some light comfortable shoes will be key.

Clubmasters and Aviators are pretty classic styles, as are Wayfarers, so grab yourself a pair and you'll find any excuse to use them. Trust us, if the sun comes out in winter we throw them on. Why not? It's the same sun in the sky year round, and we've heard eye transplants are fairly difficult.

In terms of shoes, you can go nautical with this pair of light shoes (known as the Taulard) from Aldo, or go for a pair of Toms, which are surprisingly comfortable and worth the extra bit of cash instead of getting a cheap pair of espadrilles.

Aldo vanguard



The Toms are available in a range of colours, and they also donate a pair of shoes to charity when you buy a pair, which is a pretty nice gesture. Don't wear socks with them either, it'll ruin the look.

So there you are, head out there and keep cool while looking cool. See what we've done there, eh? Cool? Yeah, we'll be off now.