Johnny Cash, pub fights and recording in Westmeath: JOE spins the Tombola of Truth with Rich Jones from Stereophonics 8 years ago

Johnny Cash, pub fights and recording in Westmeath: JOE spins the Tombola of Truth with Rich Jones from Stereophonics

Rich Jones reveals all.

Stereophonics played a set at Belfast's Belsonic festival yesterday evening, so JOE got a chance to sit down with their bassist, Rich Jones, to talk about the band's new album and hit him with a few hardballs from our Tombola of Truth.


Is Ireland a place you particularly enjoy playing?

Yeah, we've always had a great time in Ireland. The fans have always been brilliant, very receptive and we've got really fond memories of playing Dublin and playing Belfast. We even came out and recorded one of our albums in Grouse Lodge, County Westmeath. Pull The Pin.

Do you think you'll do more recording out here?


Yeah, definitely. When we were in Grouse Lodge it was a really productive session for us and Jim Lowe who has produced our last four of five records, he lives in Grouse Lodge, so I can definitely see us going back there.

How excited are you to release the new album, Keep The Village Alive, next month?

Yeah, we've been sitting on it for a year. We basically finished it last summer so the tension has been building there, we've just been biting our nails waiting for it to be put out.

This is the first album to feature drummer Jamie Morrison.


It is yeah, he's a fantabulous drummer and it makes my job as a bass player a lot easier, working with somebody like Jamie. We're very fortunate to have him as part of the team.

Now for the Tombola of Truth, are you ready to answer these questions?

I will try my hardest.

If you could get rid of one law, which law would you get rid of?


The law where you have to pay taxes. I think everybody would get rid of that one.

Describe Ireland in three words.

Ethereal, fun and inspirational.

How do you like your tea?

I don't drink tea, I'm a coffee man.


Have you ever been involved in a pub fight?

I have been involved in many a pub fight.

Did you win most of them? What's your record?

It's probably... It's fair to say I won the majority of them. There are bigger lads than me out there and I have had my share of knockdowns.

What person, dead or alive, would you like to go for a pint with?

I would like to go for a pint with Johnny Cash because he's so inspirational and every word that comes out of his mouth is so believable.

Finally, what's your idea of heaven?

My idea of heaven would be just a little bit of peace and quiet with my favourite record, a Johnny Cash compilation.

Keep the Village Alive is set to be released on September 11, 2015.