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Judge brands robber the "stupidest" criminal in Ireland
Man dubbed the "stupidest" criminal in Ireland after he locks his accomplices in the shop they were raiding. Smart.

Is this man Ireland’s stupidest criminal? Yes, according to a judge who officially dubbed him one of the “stupidest” criminals to ever stand before the courts.

The Irish Times reports that Gary Byrne left the scene of an armed robbery in Dublin with the keys to the safe. Oh, he also locked his two accomplices inside. Amazing, right?

The robbery took place at the Bullion Room on Bolton Street. The Bullion Room is a gold storage business, so you can only image how much the thieves would’ve gotten their hands on if the plan had actually been carried out properly.

The criminals struck when a female member of staff and a security guard were opening the shutters on the outside of the store. The three crooks were all dressed as builders and they forced the staff inside at gun point.

Gary Byrne was accompanied by Ian Jordan and Aidan Murphy. Byrne was believed to be the getaway driver for the crime.

When the staff were forced inside, Murphy demanded keys from the woman. He then tied up both staff and duct taped their mouths. Apparently Gary Byrne had already fled from the scene at this point in time and he had taken the key to the safe and the premises with him. Byrne had locked the shutters behind him, meaning that the other two could not escape.

When Murphy and Jordan realised they were locked in and couldn’t open the safe they started “frantically searching for a way out.” As you would, like.

Judge Donagh McDonagh described the crime as “one of the most farcical cases in recent criminal history in Dublin.” He said that Byrne “ranks amongst the all-time stupidest criminals to come before the courts.”

“It was a well researched but indifferently planned operation. They knew the business owner’s schedule well and raided her premises at the most vulnerable time,” added Judge McDonagh.


Gary Byrne was sentenced to seven years in prison, proving to everyone, everywhere, that there genuinely is consequences to stupidity.

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