Keep the Head: Top things we do when we lose focus 9 years ago

Keep the Head: Top things we do when we lose focus

When you've got your head down and need to get something done, be it studying for exams or just paying attention to the tasks at hand, there's nothing worse than losing focus and ending up doing something completely different instead

There's a whole range of tasks that keep you from doing what you're supposed to do, and it's a bit of a minefield to get through.


Anyone who's ever studied for an exam knows exactly what we're talking about here. When you're sitting down to crack the spine of that maths text book for the first time in weeks, all of  a sudden alphabetising your CD collection has become the most important thing in the world, because, of course, it's crucial that your Bruce Springsteen album sits next to Bright Eyes in the list.

Then, you're struck with a sudden urge to tidy your room, that you've never had before or since in your life. Which means that you've also got to spend an hour finding all the supplies you'll need to clean this bad boy up properly. Where's the polish? Do we have something called a 'hoover' in the house? How do you use this thing?

After that, you realise that there's a full wash in the basket, and sure there's great drying out, as our mother would say, so you'd better do that too. And by the time you've gotten all that under your belt and that book is staring you directly in the's time for lunch.

But not just any lunch, you've suddenly become the most expert chef and fancy having a go at entering Masterchef to see if you can out do those lads, so after a quick trip to the shops to buy spinach and rocket for your mango, avocado and prawn salad, you've got to spend the next few hours cooking that all up.


As we all know, however, the afternoon is when the best TV is on too, and you remember how much of a fan you are of the show Bargain Hunt, because you love antiques so much. That, and David Dickinson's tan is almost hypnotic in its intensity...

With all that hard work under your belt, you decide to take the evening off too, with the house sparkling from top to bottom. Wait, wasn't there something else you were supposed to be doing? Some exam or something? Ah, sure it'll be grand.

Of course, there's a way to avoid doing all of these tasks that you'd never consider doing otherwise, and that is to reach for a bottle of Deep River Rock and stay hydrated, keeping you focussed on the task at hand, unbridled success beckons! But that's no reason to not clean your room once in a while too.

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