Keeping You Abreast: The Anglo Tapes 9 years ago

Keeping You Abreast: The Anglo Tapes

There has only been one piece of news on the lips of most of the country this week and that’s the scandal surrounding the Anglo Tapes.

No silly, not those mix tapes you made back in 1996 for that English girl you met at a French campsite and thought was your girlfriend. We’re talking about the series of leaked internal recordings that took place between senior executives from Anglo Irish Bank.


Everyone and their granny have known for a long time that there was something more than just a little bit dodgy going on at Anglo, but this week, The Irish Independent broke the story that they had obtained a number of phone conversations between some of the bank’s top brass, conversations that, to be honest, make a mockery of the Irish people, the German lenders and the banking process in general.

You can read and keep up to date with all of the ongoing coverage and breaking news here. To be honest though, it's hard to escape it as every radio station and television channel you turn on and paper you open, it's all you're likely to hear about. 

Currently, the Central Bank is studying transcripts of the recorded telephone conversations but it’s hard to say how this is all going to pan out, especially as more and more information is being revealed each day. It’s safe to say though that this is one of the biggest scandals, banking or otherwise, to hit the front pages of Irish papers.

In fact, it’s not just the Irish papers that have been running the story but international publications too and, as Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore says, this is undoubtedly going to hurt Ireland’s reputation on an international scale.


So watch, or listen to, this space folks...