Kilkenny defender thinks the Cats may have to alter their style 9 years ago

Kilkenny defender thinks the Cats may have to alter their style

All-Star defender Jackie Tyrell has conceded that Kilkenny may have to alter their style if they are to keep pace with how the game has evolved this season.

The 2013 campaign has seen a shift towards a possession game and it is of little surprise that two of its exponents in Cork and Clare side find themselves at the business end of the season and Tyrell feels that the Cats may have to switch from a more direct game in order to remain competitive.


Brian Cody’s side have enjoyed dominance over the past decade but with some of the players moving towards the latter part of their career and a possession-oriented game plan in vogue this season, the James Stephens man admits that it may be time for a tactical change.

“The days of route one and hitting the ball long are kind of gone. We tried it this year and it didn’t work,” he told The Irish Examiner.

“Teams are just holding the ball, working it out and looking for the good ball into the forwards. So maybe that is something we need to look at and adjust our game and tweak it.

“Clearly, what we did this year didn’t work. Teams are always looking at who are the team to beat and what do we need to do. Cork, Dublin and Clare have done it this year so, yeah, I’d say it is something we will be looking at,” he added.


The 31 year-old has said that having August off to focus on club duties has him chomping at the bit to get back into Kilkenny colours next year and that retirement is not on his mind.

“I haven’t thought about it because I don’t need to think about it. Once I get picked, I’ll be back.

“The way the game has gone, once you hit 30, 31, the big retirement word comes out. It is just an automatic knee-jerk reaction. But I don’t suspect retirements in Kilkenny”, said Tyrrell.

Which could spell trouble for all challengers for the 2014 season.