Leo Messi won't be winning any style awards at the Ballon D'Or ceremony tonight 6 years ago

Leo Messi won't be winning any style awards at the Ballon D'Or ceremony tonight

He probably has the Ballon D’Or in the bag, but Lionel Messi certainly won’t be winning any style awards at the awards ceremony in Zurich this evening with this polka-dot suit.

As much as it will no doubt pain Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona and Argentina goal machine Messi is expected to collect his fourth Ballon D’Or this evening and so sure is the man himself of the award that he didn’t feel the need to go to an awful lot of effort when picking an outfit for the ceremony.

That surely can be the only explanation for the polka-dot number Messi turned out in this evening, an outfit which for perhaps the first time in his career, had football fans mentioning his name for all the wrong reasons.

The consensus on the suit could perhaps be summed up by the reaction of one Messi fan on Twitter, who posted a link to the picture with the line: “Why Messi, why?" Why indeed.

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Shocking as the suit is, however, Messi has history for his somewhat controversial choice of dress at the Ballon D’Or ceremony, having accepted his award this time last year wearing a risky velour number that, at least according to the incredibly questionable fashion knowledge of the JOE office, he didn’t quite pull off.

Good for Messi that he happens to be incredibly good at scoring goals; we don’t expect Armani, Gucci or any other high-end label to come calling with a lucrative contract if he keeps scoring own goals as far as his style is concerned.