'Let's not go for a sing-song'. Roy Keane's take on Ireland's 4-0 defeat tonight. 11 years ago

'Let's not go for a sing-song'. Roy Keane's take on Ireland's 4-0 defeat tonight.


While we watched Billo, Eamo and the lads discuss the 4-0 hammering by Spain in hushed tones, ITV had Roy Keane having a bit of a rant. Here’s the clip of what he said.


There was always a chance Roy Keane would get upset watching this Irish team, especially if took a beating and Roy had to field dumb questions from Adrian Chiles. It happened this evening.

Roy, like every Irish person, didn’t enjoy watching his national side getting ripped apart by Spain but he wasn’t in the mood to applaud the magnificent performance of the fans either, like Keith Andrews did after the game.

Heree the clip of Andrews' interview and Roy's response.

"I think the players and even the supporters, they all have to change their mentality, it’s just nonsense from players speaking after the games about how great the supporters are," Keane said.


"Listen, the supporters want to see the team doing a lot better and not giving daft goals away like that. I’m not too happy with all that nonsense.

"To praise the supporters for sake of it … Let’s change that attitude towards Irish supporters.

"They want to see the team winning – let’s not kid ourselves, we’re a small country, we’re up against it, but let's not just go along for the sing-song every now and again.”

Now, depending on your view of the former Manchester United midfielder you will either agree 100 per cent or disagree 100 per cent with his analysis.


In typical Roy fashion he will split the country on this one, but we suspect there might be more in the anti-Roy camp this time.

The players were not spared either, with Keane also saying: "It's a reality check for a lot of the Irish players. I think a lot of them think they're top players, and it goes to show that they're so far behind a lot of these players."

So, what do you make of Roy's comments. Let us know below.