Letterkenny businessman loses €25k in Manchester United Champions League bet 12 years ago

Letterkenny businessman loses €25k in Manchester United Champions League bet

After being dominated for 90 minutes by an utterly unstoppable Barcelona side at the weekend's Champions League final, Manchester United fans could be forgiven for still feeling a little sick - though perhaps not as sick as one Letterkenny fan.

According to the Donegal Daily, a well-known businessman dropped €25,000 on a losing bet for the Red Devils last weekend. At odds of 7/4, he stood to win nearly €44,000 had the side continued onwards from Wayne Rooney’s first-half equaliser.


A close friend of the Letterkenny businessman who lost the fortune, told the daily: “He’s just sick….and he’s taking a fair bit of stick over it as well.

“He also made the mistake of telling everyone about his ‘great bet’ but anyone who knows anything about gambling knew Barcelona were going to eat Man United alive on Saturday.”

With just 37% possession, the defeat ended a great record-beating 19 domestic title season for Manchester United on a somewhat sour note, as the Catalan giants were simply peerless throughout, despite the home country advantage of Sir Alex’s men.

Despite our commiserations for the unnamed businessman, we do wonder how anyone thought €25k against the heavily-favoured Barcelona beforehand constituted any sort of ‘good business’. A fool and his €25k are soon parted…