Limerick to appeal result after Hawk Eye down 9 years ago

Limerick to appeal result after Hawk Eye down

The Limerick County Board are this morning expected to appeal the result of last Sunday’s minor semi-final defeat to Galway after the highly publicised Hawk Eye malfunction.

The Treaty men lost out in extra-time in what a close contest throughout, but will appeal after a shot at the start of the game appeared on the graphic to go over but was ruled as a miss.


The Irish Examiner says the County Board took the decision last night to lodge an appeal, though Galway manager Mattie Murphy last night told the paper he is opposed to the idea of his county offering a replay.

“Luimneach CLG can confirm that we will be appealing with the CCCC (Central Competitions Control Committee) based on the failure of the Hawk-Eye Score Detection System during the All-Ireland minor hurling semi-final in Croke Park on Sunday, August 18,” their statement read.

“In the interest of fairness to all involved we will not be making any further comment until the full process has been determined.”

Hawk-Eye managing director Steve Carter met with GAA officials last night and said that the system was fully reliable and that the mistake was the result of the system being set-up for football, which created “a small overlap” with the diameter of a football instead of a sliotar.


“There was no question of the fundamental technology being flawed. We had the position of the ball correct. It was just an issue with the display of that information,” he told reporters.

Such issues have arisen in other sports too. In the 2007 US Open a similar scenario occurred in a game between Nicole Vaidisova and Alla Kudryavtseva when the graphic showed the ball to be in despite calling it as a miss.

Tennis: hawk eye error [Vaidisova... by Heikki360

The umpire double-checked with officials – the GAA take note – and the decision was correctly reversed.


Limerick's appeal meanwhile will be heard tomorrow night.