Luis Suarez admits to diving, and talks handball and Evra in Argentina 10 years ago

Luis Suarez admits to diving, and talks handball and Evra in Argentina

In an interview with Fox Sports in Argentina, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez admits that he dived against Stoke earlier this season.

By Adrian Collins


We expect this interview to be big news tomorrow so we got our Spanish-speaking JOE (we call him JOSE) to watch the original interbiew and translate it for us. He did and the Uruguayan striker talks about many things, and reveals a lot about how he perceives the game in England.

In the interview with Fox Sports Argentina, Suarez says that, regarding the game against Stoke “I'll be honest with you, there I dived. We were drawing at home against Stoke and I really wanted to win, so I tried to make something happen”.

As you can see, it was pretty obvious. Even though he admitted this however, he felt unfairly hounded since, with both Tony Pulis and David Moyes criticising him.


He was also slammed of late for the handball incident in the FA Cup a week ago against Mansfield, and this came up too. Suarez stated “the ball hit my hand by accident, I had no intention of scoring, I hit the ball just to hit it, and then they criticise me because I kissed my wrist [after it was awarded]”.

As for how the press treats him, Suarez says: “I understand now that my name sells papers. So if Suarez sells papers they'll say Suarez talks in secret with Coates in the dressing room in front of Gerrard, they'll invent anything”.

When asked about his issues with Patrice Evra in the past, he said that these things happen on a football pitch, and “my conscience is clear about everything that was said”. And he also had a dig at Manchester United by saying: “United have a lot of power there, they can manipulate the press, and that's always going to help them”.

When asked about the future, he said that he wants to become an important player for Liverpool, and added that “with young players you can win matches, but with experienced players and names you can win championships”.


Is that a call for more big name signings at Anfield. Perhaps, but as always with Suarez, he certainly knows how to make headlines.