Luis Suarez talks to radio in Uruguay about his future 9 years ago

Luis Suarez talks to radio in Uruguay about his future

Luis Suarez has been the talk of the transfer rumour mill these days, and today he's thrown a little bit more fuel on the fire

Another day, another Luis Suarez transfer story, but today is a little different to most, seeing as the player himself has actually come out and said something about his move.


He was on Sport 890 in Uruguay earlier, talking about the national team's Confederations Cup campaign, the U20s performing superbly, and inevitably, his future, we sent our Spanish speaking JOE on the case to find out what he was talking about.

At first, he was  keen to point out that he's just on holiday, enjoying the time with his family, and happy to relax before returning to Liverpool on July 21st.

However, when the topic turned to his future, he gave a little bit more information, and when he was asked if  he knew what's happening behind the scenes, or if he was living with some uncertainty too, he stated:

"You never know what can happen, I've already said everything that I wanted to say, and in principle I will return to Liverpool on the 21st of July. However one phone call can change all your plans."


He added that he's not paying a huge deal of attention to the whole situation, and that he's not glued to his phone, adding that is agent (Pep Guardiola's brother Pere Guardiola) called him several times the other day and he missed them all, because he's just trying to enjoy his holidays in Uruguay.

He was hesitant to give any information on those calls though, saying that Guardiola was getting in contact "just to let me know the situation and that he's still talking to the club".

While there's been a huge list of clubs mentioned, Suarez has said he was flattered by some of the names mentioned (like Arsenal and Chelsea), noting that after all that has gone on and the bad press he received in England “they still value you as a player out on the field”.

His list of suitors isn't down to just one club however, as Suarez stated “there are options, and I think the club knows that. In terms of concrete offers however, no, there hasn't been anything".


He also added that he finds it funny when he sees his picture in Marca saying he's the number one option for Real Madrid or in other papers “because in reality you as a player don't know anything about it”, but they're reporting it in the press. Don't believe everything you read, in other words.

To round of the interview, he noted that even though he has several days of holidays left in Uruguay, he has to be ready to make a quick exit if he received the call to say that the deal has been agreed. "I'm very conscious of that fact".

All in all, the general tone of the interview was one of a man who's made up his mind that he wants to go, but was being as sensitive as he could be given that he knew the media would pick up on every word that was said here.

The full interview (in Spanish) can be heard here, if you fancy giving your translation skills a run out.