Manchester United finally joins Twitter 10 years ago

Manchester United finally joins Twitter

Millions of Twitter users will be delighted to finally see that Manchester United have decided to embrace the social medium by setting up an official @ManUtd account. ABU's now have one more way to troll the United fans.

It’s taken a while for Manchester United to set up a Twitter account, but it was only a matter of time considering the majority of their main rivals all use the site to keep in contact with fans and to announce big news. So whether you like it or not they're here to stay on the site and to kick things off on the official @ManUtd Twitter account the club tweeted:


A statement on the club’s website added: ‘The @ManUtd Twitter page will reach the club’s fans among the 200 million active Twitter users worldwide. The account will initially launch in English, with foreign-language versions to follow.

‘Today’s launches mark the next phase in the enhancement of the club’s digital media offering, with further new products and platforms to be announced later this summer.

‘These new services will be complemented by the updated press office Twitter account (rebranded as @MU_spokesperson) that will supply updates on Manchester United’s business and commercial developments.’


They, at the time of writing, had just over 80k followers - which is growing fast. Also, interestingly, the first person they followed was Wayne Rooney.