Match-fixing scandal may have spread to Ireland as investigation deepens 10 years ago

Match-fixing scandal may have spread to Ireland as investigation deepens

The betting scandal that has enveloped in the UK looks to be growing with further developments that games in Ireland were also fixed.

Early reports today said that six men, including former Premier League footballer Delroy Facey, had been arrested after fixers from Asia had been thought to have been involved in scams in England, with one fixer arriving only last week. This evening two men have been formally charged as the case continues to mount.


As the investigation continues, The Telegraph reports that it was far more widespread, with World Cup matches as well as games right around the globe, including Ireland were targeted.

The paper claims it was contacted by an undercover investigator with links to Fifa, who had been gathering evidence against suspected Asian match fixers offering to operate in Britain. During undercover meetings in Manchester earlier this month, the fixer told the former Fifa investigator that he could pay referees and players to manipulate the results of games.

“I do Australia, Scotland. Ireland. Europe. World Cup. World Cup qualifier,” he said.

When asked about World Cup games, he was equally forthcoming.


“At least, at least 15,” the alleged fixer claimed. “I bought the match.”

While the fixer conceded he fixed games all over the world, one country where he said he avoided was Singapore, where the penalties are severe.

The recorded interviews are coming to the fore and we can expect more revelations over the coming days and weeks.