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Okay, Kevin Painter's great, but here's five of our other favourite artists
In the build-up to the first ever Premier League Darts night in Dublin next month, we're diving into a series of nickname-inspired JOE Fives. Today: Kevin "The Artist" Painter.

In the build-up to the first ever McCoy's Premier League Darts night in Dublin next month, we've teamed up with McCoy's to come up with a series of darts nickname-inspired JOE Fives. Today: Kevin "The Artist" Painter.

1. Banksy

The ultimate street artist, Bansky has risen to fame over the years for his unique style of guerrilla art. Some might call it graffiti, to others it may be vandalism, but he's got a loyal following, which includes many people with very deep pockets.

His work started on the side of buildings and bus shelters and it's probably that that still sets him apart from most other artists. He remains completely anonymous - satirical news website The Onion reckons he's really an 89-year-old woman.

Banksy's 'Flower protester' is one of his most famous works

2. Damien Hirst

No list of artists would be complete without this artistic chancer genius. Pushing the boundaries of what's considered art seems to have become a bit of a hobby for Hirst. From his over-the-top diamond skull to dipping dead animals in formaldehyde, Damo's not afraid of thinking outside the box. Only problem now seems to be that he has no idea where the box is. Estimated to be Britain's richest artist in 2010 with a nice £215 million stash in his bank account. And that's why you've got to admire him.


The most epic waste of money before Anglo Irish?
Damien Hirst's diamond encrusted skull

4. Pauline Bewick

British-born Pauline Bewick may the quirkiest Irish artist going, but her work is famous all over the world. Her paintings are famous for their cartoon-like figures who look to have been inspired by the cubism art movement.

The main thing about her work, though, is that it's bright, open and actually accessible. Which is completely unlike some other 'nose in the air' contemporary artists.

5. Brian Dettmer

An artist that produces some seriously cool work? Brian Dettmer has to be included on this list. He turns stuffy old books into cool stuff, full stop. Now, to some people it's probably as bad as the book burning bonfires the Nazis were so fond of, but come on, just look at his Ferris wheel thingy.

Who knew old books could be so interesting? Brian Dettmer, that's who!


Anyone who can say their a book surgeon is alright by us. Now, where's that knife, there's a few books around here that could do with a bit of cheering up.

Francisco Goya

After all that modern guff we felt like kicking it old style. Going properly retro, our last pick is Francisco Goya. A Spanish painter born in the 1700s, Goya was known for his matter of fact style of painting and content. He was a painter for the Spanish royalty even though his art was subversive for its time. He has inspired more famous later artists like Picasso and Francis Bacon. His works spanned from portraits to depicting insane asylums and the affects of war. An 18th century modernist? We'd like to think so.

Kevin Painter is one of eight stars on show at McCoy's Premier League Darts, which visits Dublin for the first time ever when it takes place at the O2 Arena on Thursday 22 March. Click here for ticket details.

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