Mitt Romney wants to be President of... Amercia 10 years ago

Mitt Romney wants to be President of... Amercia

Moneybags Mitt Romney officially clinched the Republican nomination earlier on today, yet his next step is learning how to spell “America" properly.

Romney’s team have released an app titled “For a better America” to celebrate the former corporate mogul’s achievement of reaching the requisite number of delegates needed to tie up his official nomination as the Republican Party’s US presidential candidate after last night's Texas primary results.


Unfortunately, the team didn’t bother to run a quick spellcheck and the title of the app read “Amercia” rather than America. Even more unfortunately for Romney, who has often been characterised as disconnected from reality, is that the first person to pick up on the spelling gaffe was a member of Obama’s digital team, Chris Choi.

One mocking tweet from Choi later caused #Amercia to trend on Twitter.

Romney can take some solace from the fact that he’s not the first high-profile Republican to make a spelling cock-up. Former Vice-President Dan Quayle infamously corrected a child’s spelling of “potato” when on the campaign trail, insisting that the child add an “e.”


President George W. Bush also famously asked once “Is our children learning?” with the question possibly answering itself…

With former presidents like that, maybe Romney might stand a chance of being elected President of Amercia… America.