Nearly 4,500 Irish girls using 'Sugar Daddy' dating site to pay for college 6 years ago

Nearly 4,500 Irish girls using 'Sugar Daddy' dating site to pay for college

According to reports today, over 4,000 Irish female undergrads are using a 'Sugar Daddy' dating service in order to pay for college with the majority of 'relationships' ending in sex.

We’re currently going through some tough times here in Ireland and new statistics are showing just how far some people are willing to go to get through life.

Reports today from all over the place state that 4,464 Irish female undergraduates have signed up to the website, a website that sets up young women with rich older men (mostly lads from overseas on business trips).

Basically, older lads with cash to burn can sign up to the website (for a fee) and hook up with sexy young women, but they give the girls money to fund whatever it is they need. However, a survey conducted by the company last year found that 80 per cent of the ‘relationships’ forged on the site involved sex.

According to the Irish Independent, there are currently 399 UCD students signed up to the service, while 395 students from Trinity are also looking for a Sugar Daddy.

The site’s spokesperson, Angela Jacob, said: "We've seen an increased interest from Ireland since the economy has been in recession.

"It's a lifeline for many students. It could mean the difference between them finishing college or being forced to drop out."

In fairness, it’s desperate days when you have to look for and have sex with a manky old man to pay your way through college, but sadly, it happens.

You can find out more about the site over here.