New Rubberbandits song to debut on Late Late Show 7 years ago

New Rubberbandits song to debut on Late Late Show

Limerick rappers the Rubberbandits will launch their new single on the Late Late Show next Friday night, after releasing the music video on YouTube 24 hours prior to the performance.

The Late Late has been so boring over the last few months it might a good idea if Tubbers allowed the ‘Bandits to play a full set, as they are clearly the Irish comedy act everyone wants to see.

The title of the new song is being kept under wraps for now but what is known is what was needed to shoot their new video.

In an attempt to better the phenomenal success of ‘Horse Outside’ and it’s video, the lads have used a 10-man film crew, more than 60 extras, three animal wranglers and 500lb of cod to succeed.

With 6million views of ‘Horse Outside’ on YouTube, the ‘Bandits admitted it would be hard to topple that.

"But we're not trying to; as long as we are happy with it, that's all that matters," Blind Boy said.

"With this single we have learned from all the mistakes we made with 'Horse Outside'. Will it get to number one? At this time of the year, anything can get to number one."