Nicklas Bendtner’s goal last night led to the best forfeit we’ve seen in 2013 8 years ago

Nicklas Bendtner’s goal last night led to the best forfeit we’ve seen in 2013

He brought this upon himself, but fair dues to him, he was as good as his word.

Football fans all over the world were checking for signs of the apocalypse when Nicklas Bendtner scored within two minutes of the first whistle against Hull at the Emirates last night; to say it was greeted with shock would be an understatement and the internet struggled to cope amidst the amount of disbelief being expressed on social media circles.


Although Bendtner had been named in the Arsenal starting XI, one footy fan was so sure that the Dane wouldn’t score that he took to Twitter to promise a ridiculous forfeit if the (not really that) impossible happened and it duly did when Bendtner got on the end of a Carl Jenkinson cross to head the Gunners into the lead.

Feeling the heat after making the promise in the first place, the fan in question made good on his word and carried out the forfeit, unbeknownst (we think) to his poor sleeping mother who he had dragged into the whole debacle.



The exploits of the lad in question spread like wildfire last night and the number of retweets quickly shot into the thousands, with many in the Twittersphere quick to pass on kudos to Mitch for having the balls to back up his initial promise, ill-advised as it was in the first place.

Somehow we doubt his mother will too happy when she’s sure to find out about it at some stage today and Mitch can expect a few lukewarm dinners over the next week or so, but at least he’ll learn never to doubt the *cough* utterly dependable *cough* Bendtner again in the future.