One month after snake escape, female peacock flees Bronx Zoo 10 years ago

One month after snake escape, female peacock flees Bronx Zoo

Just over a month after losing and subsequently capturing their cobra, the Bronx Zoo has suffered another animal escape - a fugitive female peacock (peahen).

According to early reports, the zoo thinks the bird escaped on Monday after zookeepers failed in their attempts to capture the peahen, which are typically allowed roam the grounds of the zoo of their own accord.


The embarrassing escape comes just six weeks after a cobra escaped the zoo, became a celebrity, set up a Twitter account and even got renamed in a promotional stunt upon his recapture.

In late March the zoo captured a 24-inch Egyptian cobra that escaped for nearly a week, but not before the fugitive reptile had become a worldwide celebrity in the process, after a Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter account amassed nearly 250,000 followers.

The zoo capitalised on the publicity by offering visitors to their website the opportunity to rename the cobra, which was ultimately found in its reptile house. The chosen name was Mia, obviously meant to signify 'MIA'.

An irate update has already been posted from Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter page, in which the 'cobra' tweets:

'Seriously, peacock!? We agreed we'd go tomorrow at dawn! RT @nydailynews: Female peacock escapes from Bronx Zoo'

It should come as no suprise to hear that the Bronx Zoo peahen already has its own Twitter account, with over 1,600 followers and rising. One of the peahen's first tweets thanked Mia for her assistance in plotting her escape:

'The cobra gave me some escape tips. Slipped out~ Making my way to Wash Heights.'