Patriots player has a warrant out for his arrest in relation to murder investigation 8 years ago

Patriots player has a warrant out for his arrest in relation to murder investigation

The Aaron Hernandez story has gone from weird to disturbing, and it seems the police have finally issued a warrant for his arrest, so here's what we know so far

The details in this case, which is ongoing, are sketchy and keep changing, but one thing that's certain is that there has been a warrant issued for his arrest.


Last week, Aaron Hernandez was wanted by the police for questioning in relation to a homicide investigation, and while initially it seems that he's not a suspect, they are charging him with obstruction of justice for not cooperating with police, who wanted to speak to him and have a look at a car which had been leased in his name for evidence.

According to the lads at Bleacher Report, it's only a paper warrant and while it won't be entered in to the system just yet (giving any police officer the power to arrest Hernandez), it's often used to get the suspect to the table to start cooperating.

However, another reason he should start cooperating is that the NFL can “strip from Hernandez the privilege of playing professional football unless he cooperates with authorities to their full and complete satisfaction”, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Last week, police investigated his house after executing a search warrant on Tuesday, and returned over the weekend with dogs to search the property again, leaving with boxes and bags full of evidence on both occasions.

Most recently we know that the police were investigating an area near Hernandez's house in diving gear, but they found “no evidence”.

The investigation began when a jogger found the body of Hernandez's friend, Odin Lloyd, less a mile from Hernandez's home. Police said Lloyd had been shot in the head, and that there was evidence to suggest that the pair had been seen together hours before the body was found.

This is all very gruesome, and certainly spells bad news for the player whatever the outcome, and we'll keep an eye on more information as it becomes available.


Hat-tip to the lads at Bleacher Report and USA Today for the updates