Paul Galvin gives his side of the row with Oliver Callan 6 years ago

Paul Galvin gives his side of the row with Oliver Callan

Paul Galvin took to the airwaves to explain what happened the night when he and Oliver Callan got up close and personal in a Dublin pub.

As we are sure you remember the Kerry footballer was accused of headbutting the creative mind behind RTE’s Nob Nation and Green Tea Oliver Callan in Kehoes of South Anne Street back in October.

Then we heard last month that Callan planned not to press charges.

Now we get dedicated follower of fashion’s view of the evening’s events.

"On the night in question I go in the door of Kehoe's pub and within minutes I'm approached by a man who grabbed me by the waist and tried to pull me over around the corner and asked me to join his company,” Galvin told Ray D’Arcy on Today FM.

“I didn't actually recognise him [Callan]. I had met him previously but I didn't recognise him. I said: 'No thanks I will stay where I am.' I was perfectly sober. It was also suggested I was roaring drunk, which I was not."

Galvin declined the invite three times but when this resulted in some jeering Galvin reacted by confronting the group.

"What happened next shouldn't have happened. I should have gone out the door home. I left myself down and I shouldn't have, probably," he said.

Galvin said the row was not over sketches by Callan that insinuated he was gay. "That's not the issue and wasn't the issue. He did that and people thought that was my problem and it wasn't really,” said Galvin.

Is this the end of it? Galvin wants it to be but he didn’t apologise on air and Callan is believed to still want some contrition from the former footballer of the year. This story may have some life in it yet.