Pic: Is this the coolest referee in the GAA? 8 years ago

Pic: Is this the coolest referee in the GAA?

Sporting a Viking-esque beard, tattoos and a pair of sunglasses, it would be fair to say that Mael Duigou doesn’t look like your conventional GAA whistler.

We’re not sure if any Irish officials will follow suit, but Duigou has now set the bar for all referees out there. The eye-catching official is a European GAA referee in Brittany and also togs out for his club Vannes.


Brian Beano Clerkin informs us that Mael is multi-lingual so presumably can tell players to “cut out the messing” in a few different tongues, and that his nickname is Asterix, as in the main character from Aesterix and Obelix.


He certainly has the look of a referee that will command respect on the pitch.

Hat-tip to Brian on Facebook for bringing Mael, and his background, to our attention.