Pic: Just look at the size of this NBA rookie’s hands 7 years ago

Pic: Just look at the size of this NBA rookie’s hands

Seriously, just look.

Right, we know that NBA players are usually very big fellas, and that means that they will have bigger feet and hands than most people.


But even by the standards of the NBA, 18-year-old Milwaukee Bucks new boy Giannis Antetokounmpo has ridiculous hands.

Born in Greece, he is already rather cruelly known as ‘The Greek Freak’ and at 6’9” he is still growing.

Picked 15th in the draft by the Bucks, he has an enormous wingspan (7’3”) and has skills more normally associated with a much smaller player. He could be a real star when the new NBA season tips off.

However, why he is hitting the headlines even before the season starts is this screengrab of his hand on his face in a pre-season game.

Hand NBA main

Just look at that.

A Bucks fansite also measured those enormous hands, and here’s the proof of just how big those hands are.


Hand NBA

Good lord…

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report for the pics