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06th May 2014

Pic: Wilfried Zaha is definitely the right man to advertise this company’s brand of incredibly tight support shorts

Nothing is left to the imagination…

Conor Heneghan

Nothing is left to the imagination…

A year on from being the main man in the Championship as he inspired Crystal Palace to promotion to the Premier League, Wilfried Zaha has been something of a forgotten man this season, failing to make an impression at Old Trafford after a big-money move to Manchester United and subsequently failing to have much of an impact after a loan move to Cardiff.

While his contribution this season is easily forgettable, however, it is less easy to forget the image of Zaha that awaits you on the website for Gilmore Support Shorts, a company that design and produce compression wear and for whom Zaha currently acts as an ambassador.

As you’ll soon discover upon visiting the company’s website, one of their products is a pair of support shorts that ensures enhanced core stability and pelvic balance and that helps work against injuries in the hip and groin area such as Gilmore’s Groin, Sportsman’s Hernia and problems with one’s adductor Muscles.

Like all compression gear, the shorts provide a pretty snug fit and considering the area which they support, they come with an optional genital pouch, an option that, as the picture illustrates, Wilfried Zaha definitely needs…


In case you missed it…


Come to think of it, there’s probably a few more athletes and sportsmen out there that could use a pair of these babies…


Hat-tip: Football 365