Pics: Are these the world’s most stylish football boots? 8 years ago

Pics: Are these the world’s most stylish football boots?

These are probably too nice to play in…

Those wonderful folks at InBedWithMaradona have dug up yet another gem this week. Yesterday they ran a feature on what we think might be the goddamn sexiest football boots in the world.


They are called Retro Star and they are made by a German fella called Markus Stolla. An amateur player who never liked the style of modern boots, he decided to get into boot manufacturing on retirement from playing.

Inspired by the simple designs sported by the likes of George Best in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Markus went off to find someone who would make his boot dreams come true.

He eventually found an Italian shoemaker who had been making boots for forty years and contracted his services to make his dream design.

The results are beautiful and available in three colours; Black, Cognac Brown and Cream White.


Retro star 1 Retro star 2 Retro star 3

At €149, they are not cheap but they are less damaging to the pocket than some of the top-of-the-range boots on offer by the major manufacturers and they are really, really classy.

At least we know what we want for Christmas now so if anyone want to buy them for us, here's the link to the site.