Pics: Puma's 'blacked-out' evoPower boot is very slick indeed 9 years ago

Pics: Puma's 'blacked-out' evoPower boot is very slick indeed

Some more blacked out boots for your 'Most Wanted' list

Although in recent years brightly-coloured boots have been all the rage, but it seems that trend might be about to reverse.


Last week we saw Nike go "lights out" with the Nike CTR 360 Maestri in all black, and it looks Puma have followed suit with a blacked-out leather version of the evoPOWER.

puma boot 2

The leather version of the evoPOWER is not too different to the synthetic version, and features the same Accu-Foam technology and barfoot fitting which promise to give more power and accuracy.

puma boot 3


They're currently on sale from Pro-Direct Soccer for around €200 (don't forget the shipping costs), so if you want them you'd better start saving up that scratch.