Picture: Paddy Power still trolling Fernando Torres 10 years ago

Picture: Paddy Power still trolling Fernando Torres

Bookmakers Paddy Power must have a real vendetta against poor old Fernando Torres as they won’t stop trolling him


By Adrian Collins

A few weeks ago, Chelsea had the lawyers out and chasing down bookmakers Paddy Power, who'd put a huge billboard outside Stamford Bridge belittling their £50 million striker.

Chelsea's lawyers argued that the ad infringed on Torres' image rights, and so the bookmakers had to take the ad down, which was in association with their campaign calling for those luxury players who sit on the subs bench to earn their money by getting a second job.

In Fernando's case they thought he should get to work in the burger van so he could finally find the onion bag.


Despite having their knuckles rapped by the law already though, they’re happy to have another go at the out of form striker by parking a truck with an electronic version of the billboard right underneath where the ad had previously been.

Pic via Paddy Power/Twitter

Wearing our legal hats, we’re guessing that they’ll have to move this one too, and pretty sharpish, as it’s probably not a good idea to make Roman Abramovich too angry.