Prodrift Series Team confirmed for Bavaria City Racing Dublin 8 years ago

Prodrift Series Team confirmed for Bavaria City Racing Dublin

If you didn’t think enough rubber was going to be burned at the Bavaria City Racing Dublin event in the summer, prepare yourself for a welcome surprise.

Added to the already stellar cast at Bavaria City Racing Dublin on 3 June are the Prodrift Series Team, Ireland’s top drifting professionals, who will be burning up the city streets with some radical sideways action in front of their home crowd in the summer.


Following six years of rapid growth, Prodrift quickly established Ireland as Europe’s leading national drift league and the most popular circuit based event in that country with record attendances and participants. While they have been busy developing the Prodrift National Irish Series at home, Prodrift teams, management and drivers have also been reaching into other European territories with high profile drifting demonstrations and competitions.

Drifting is now recognised as the world’s fastest growing motorsport and attracts a uniquely young and affluent audience. It’s not just the cars that make up the event either. The guys at Prodrift have taken the original format of a drifting competition and developed a modern entertainment spectacle where live DJs and MCs supply the rhythm while the drifting cars provide the action in front of capacity audiences and a sparkling atmosphere.

For more information on Prodrift, visit their website here.

Not familiar with drifting? Here’s a quick synopsis to help get you up to speed (pardon the pun). Drifting originated in Japan and can be described as the high speed art of lateral control.

Unlike conventional motorsport, timing is not important; the object of the discipline is to maintain speed, momentum and acute sideways angles linking a series of curves or corners whilst being judged by a panel of experienced drift experts. Two competitors battle head-to-head in a tournament style knockout system where the driver that remains unbeaten claims victory.

Don’t let mere words explain what it’s all about, check out the video below for a spectacular demonstration of what drifting is all about. And remember, this is just one of the many spectacles in store when Bavaria City Racing Dublin comes to town in June.


ProDrift Round 5 - The Finale from Mark Kaye on Vimeo.

Hold on to your seats!

For more information on Bavaria City Racing Dublin, including details about the cars, the track and tickets, visit their website and Facebook page.